Methodology meeting

The second meeting took place at Durham University Business School from 02 to 03 July 2018, where the full team of researchers and collaborators were confirmed. Hosted once again by Bernd Brandl alongside Barbara Bechter, returning to Durham were Alex Lehr and Oscar Molina. Christine Aumayr-Pintar from Eurofound, Jan Czarzasty of the Institute of Public Affairs/University of Warsaw, Bengt Larsson of the University of Gothenburg, Paul Ramskogler of Oesterreichische Nationalbank, Aarron Toal as the newly appointed Research Assistant at Durham and Ylva Ulfsdotter Eriksson of the University of Gothenburg were also in attendance, with the purpose of the two day meeting to discuss and confirm the research methodology.

Bernd reiterated the challenging nature of this research effort but recognised the experience of the attendees; working collaboratively would ensure a sound methodology to allow the aims of the project to be achieved. The project therefore aims to explain wage developments in all EU member states and analyse the role of economic and industrial relations system factors whilst identifying any patterns emerging from the data. Once an overview of wage developments has been created, we can then start to investigate if they can be influenced or governed. Combining the use of existing secondary data with an ambitious primary data collection method involving multiple questionnaires will allow for a complete analysis of current industrial relations and wage developments within EU member states.


Pictured: Bernd Brandl, Oscar Molina, Aarron Toal, Jan Czarzasty, Bengt Larsson, Alex Lehr, Barbara Bechter, Christine Aumayr-Pintar, Ylva Ulfsdotter Eriksson and Paul Ramskogler

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