Data collection meeting

The third scheduled meeting of the ENTIRE view project was held at the Institute of Public Affairs (IPA)/Instytut Spraw Publiccznych in Warsaw, Poland on Friday 19 October 2018. Hosted by Dominik Owczarek and the IPA, joining him were Barbara Bechter and Aarron Toal from Durham University Business School, Alex Lehr from Radboud University, Oscar Molina from Autonomous University of Barcelona, and Jan Czarzasty with Malgorzata Koziarek also from the IPA.

The purpose of this meeting was to discuss and finalise the data collection methods to be used in this research project. Feedback was presented on the current status and design of the two main surveys that are to be distributed, with the discussion focused on streamlining the questions to obtain insights that are critical to the aims and objectives of the project, whilst ensuring quality control and a positive user experience.

The primary data collection methods were discussed extensively by all given the ambitious scope to ensure good, quality responses are obtained. This included understanding the purpose of each collection method, identifying data already available and achieving valuable responses by streamlining the surveys whilst agreeing on the selection criteria of participants. An overview of the upcoming activities was identified and agreed upon to highlight the different stages of the data collection over the coming months which includes the finalisation and distribution of surveys, completion of the interview guide and case studies.

With valuable feedback obtained from this meeting, the implementation of the data collection methods will commence soon to investigate industrial relations and wage developments within European member states.

Warsaw 1L-R: Alex Lehr, Aarron Toal, Oscar Molina, Barbara Bechter, Malgorzata Koziarek, Jan Czarzasty and Dominik Owczarek

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