Meet the team

Bernd-Brandl120 Professor Bernd Brandl, Durham University Business School

Bernd Brandl is dealing with methodological, empirical and theoretical research questions in the fields of employment relations and international HRM. In particular, much of his thematic and theoretical research focused on comparative cross-country analyses of different employment relations and labour market systems, institutions and policies.

He is disseminating his research in various academic outlets (i.e. academic journals, books) as well as in reports which are relevant for informed policy/decision makers. He has given more than more than 200 presentations at seminars and international conferences (including various invited plenary and semi-plenary presentations). His research is also found to be of interest by various international organizations as he worked as an advisor/consultant for various organisations (e.g. International Monetary Fund, International Labour Organization, and European Commission).

Barbara-Bechter120 Dr Barbara Bechter, Durham University Business School

Barbara is Lecturer of Human Resource Management at the Durham University Business School. She received her PhD form the University of Vienna, Austria in 2009. Prior to her current position she was Lecturer of Human Resource Management at the University of York (2012-2015), before moving to the UK she worked as Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Business, Economics and Statistics at the University of Vienna (2010-2012).

Pic NEW Aarron Toal, Durham University Business School

Aarron is a Research Assistant on the ENTIRE View project at Durham University Business School. He has been employed at the School since 2009 and since then held a variety of roles within business administration. He was educated at the University of Teesside and University of Durham and has previously undertaken research with local SMEs and international subsidiaries. His most recent research investigated the impacts of Brexit on consumer behaviour and industrial impacts within the UK and wider European Union.

DOwczarek Dr Dominik Owczarek, Institute of Public Affairs

Dominik’s reseach intrests include industrial relations and social dialogue, employment policies and social inequalities. He has been coordinating the team of Polish correspondents to the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions (Eurofound) since 2011 and played a role of a correspondent himself. Moreover, he took part in numerous research projects – both as manager and researcher. He represents IPA in the network of Trade Unions related Research Institutes (TURI) network affiliated by ETUI since 2014.

download Dr Jan Czarzasty, Institute of Public Affairs

Doctor of economics, graduate of the University of Warsaw, assistant professor at the Department of Economic Sociology (Institute of Philosophy, Sociology and Economic Sociology). Secretary of the editorial office of the “Warsaw Forum of Economic Sociology”, a member of the Scientific Council of the periodical “Dialog. A letter of social dialogue. ” He cooperates with the Institute of Public Affairs and the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions (Eurofound).

Alex Lehr.jpg Dr Alex Lehr, Radboud University

Dr. Alex Lehr is Assistant Professor at the Department of Political Science. His research is on the intersection of political science, sociology and economics, and addresses theoretical-empirical questions about representation and conflict, in particular related to work and labor markets. He specializes in the development and testing of analytical, mechanism-based theories, and the collection and statistical analyses of novel micro-level data, subjects on which he also teaches extensively. Alex holds a PhD from Radboud University on a thesis about spillovers and conflict in collective agreement negotiations.

molina_oscar_0 Dr Oscar Molina, Autonomous University of Barcelona

Oscar Molina is associate professor appointed to the Department of Sociology and researcher at Centre d’Estudis QUIT / Institute for Labour Studies, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. He holds a degree in Economics at Pompeu Fabra University 1998. He obtained his PhD in Social and Political Science at the European University Institute (EUI-Florence), in 2004. His dissertation studied the changes in collective bargaining systems of Italy and Spain since the early 1980s. After working as research assistant at the Robert Schuman Centre, he has been government of Ireland post-doctoral researcher at the Industrial Relations and Human Resources Group, University College Dublin (2005-2007) and ICREA Researcher at QUIT, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona. He has taught courses on globalization and industrial relations, industrial relations in Europe and sociology of work.

s200_alejandro.godino Dr Alejandro Godino, Autonomous University of Barcelona

Post-doctoral Researcher (Organizational and Labor Studies) at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona – QUIT (Centre d’Estudis Sociològics sobre la Vida Quotidiana i el Treball). Currently participating in the coordination of projects focused on changes in the labor market, labor relations and organizations: “Relaunching Collective Bargaining in Outsourced services” (RECOVER) and “Networked Coordination of Industrial Relations” (NETWIR), funded by the European Commission. In addition, working as European correspondent for the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions (EUROFOUND).